Procrastination – How to Avoid it

05, Aug 2005

If you don’t already know it and live it… all those piles around you are only piles of delayed actions… you know, the things that you will get around to doing later… BUT, we all know that ‘later’ never seems to get here.

The following quick tips will kick-start you into action and help you to achieve that order and dig you out of your chaos.

15 Minutes
Start small to avoid being overwhelmed:

  • Set your alarm
  • Pick your reward (don’t go out and buy more stuff…)
  • Work with a buddy to hold yourself accountable

Quick Sort
Do the 15 second touch, don’t get stuck, move everything into FAT piles:

  • File it (things you want to keep)
  • Act on it (things that you have to act on)
  • Toss it (things that do not belong to you or can be discarded)

Ponder Piles
Okay – you are permitted to have a ‘Not Sure’ Pile to come back to and ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you used/accessed this item?
  • Will you miss it if it were no longer there?
  • Did you remember you owned it?

Keep within Boundaries
It is interesting how your ’stuff’ multiplies to accommodate the space you give it…

  • Define & limit your space (only this sized box or file of magazine clippings)
  • Keep one new item, but discard or give-away another
  • Box it up, seal the box, date it, inventory it, and recycle it to charity 1 year later if you have not opened the box