File Jackets and Box Bottom Hanging File Folders

26, Sep 2006

One of my favourite products is the File Jacket. Most people walk right by these products, often found right next to their cousins, the file folder.

How many times have you jammed piece of paper into a folder that is already overflowing, causing the folder’s tab to slide into the hanging folder out of sight? Closed on three sides, file jackets can expand up to 2 inches in width, keeping materials from slipping out. The reinforced full length tab extends 1/2 inch above the front, so your title is easily viewed.

File Jackets are used in conjunction with Box Bottom Hanging File Folders. Again, cousins to your regular hanging file folder.

With the use of the cardboard strip provided, it expands the bottom on the handing file folder by 2 inches. All to assist you in keeping the hanging file folder in tack by not bending out of shape and off the filing cabinet glides.

Using the appropriate supplies for the volume of information you are storing will help to maintain the structure of your containing systems. Ease of access is your key. If it is easy to find, it will be easy to use.