How to keep organized while enjoying needle working

26, Sep 2006

Thanks to Chu on This… subscriber, Lynda of Clearwater, BC. She shares with us her solution on how she keeps herself organized while enjoying her love of needle working. If you have a tip to share with your fellow “Out of Chaos” seekers, we look forward to hearing from you.

I’m an avid needle worker – knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting. I’m also partially disabled and in constant pain from a broken back. I have a great many magazines and books, especially those for quilting. Even when I can’t be working on a quilt, I enjoy looking through the books and magazines.

My husband of 40 years and I are retired. Our children have left home, although they visit often and we babysit as often as they need us. Suffering from chronic pain, it is important to me that our home be well organized. There are some areas that are better than others when it comes to organization but I’ve come up with the perfect solution to my large library of quilting books/mags.

I’ve archived them in our Word Processing program. I number each book then list the names of whatever patterns in that particular book or magazine appeal to me. At some date in the future when I want to make a certain pattern, I’ll go into my “Quilt Book Archive document” in my computer, do a word search such as “log cabin” or “bear paw” or “nine patch”. The computer looks for those words in the document and shows me which magazines have that pattern that I’m searching for. It’s a fabulous thing for me. Often, before I started to do this, it would take me so long to find whatever pattern that I was looking for that I’d be too whacked out from so much pain that it would be two days before I could even look at the magazine.

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  1. That is a great idea! I have a bunch of Papercraft magazines that have card making ideas that I could archive. I’m always looking for that theme event to make a card for and find I’m still browsing the magazine than making the card.

    Thanks so much Lynda!

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