Clearing Your Clutter Without Cluttering the Landfill

28, Jun 2007

We often keep things because of the value they represent in our lives, despite the space it consumes. Letting something go is easy to some, but for most, the ‘what a waste’ thought comes to mind as one imagines their precious goods lying in the landfill.

Our city recycling programs have come a long way in making it easier for us to recycle paper and plastics, but there are many items that do not go into the Blue Box.

If recycling or donating eases your conscience and allows you to let go of items cluttering your home and work spaces easier, you may want to consider the following alternatives.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)

Accepts common rechargeable batteries. Collection depots at A&B Sound,
Blacks Photography, Canadian Tire, Cell City Communications, Future Shop, London Drugs, Mountain Equipment Co-op. No Fee.

BC Digital Divide
A non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the opportunity to get a computer to those who are not able to afford one. Visit the website to apply for or to donate a computer.

Cell Phones
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)

Vancouver depots at London Drugs, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Source By Circuit City, The Bay, Staples Canada/Business Depot outlets. No Fee.

Computers for Schools
604.250.9936 or 1.877.250.9936

The Computer for Schools (CFS) program is a national, federal government-led program that operates in cooperation with all provinces and territories. The program collects surplus computers from government and private sector sources and distributes them to schools, libraries and non-profits throughout Canada. Computer workshops are staffed by volunteers who clean, refurbish and prepare computers for delivery. CFS has provided more than 750,000 computers since it was founded in 1993.

They are seeking equipment donations of PIII-800MHz CPU or better, with hard drive/memory intact, and CD-Roms. Working SVGA or flat panel monitors. Working printers (toner too!) Peripherals such as scanners, speakers, projectors, servers, etc.

Recycling Council of British Columbia
604.732.9253 or 1.800.667.4321

A non-profit organization working towards waste avoidance. Supports waste management solutions by conducting research, facilitating the exchange of ideas and providing information services.

The Cinderella Project
The Cinderella Project provides underprivileged high school graduates – girls and boys (Cinderfellas) – from the Greater Vancouver area with formal attire so they can attend their graduation festivities with pride. School counsellors, teachers, principals or social services agencies throughout the Lower Mainland refer students to the organization. A Boutique Day is held each Spring where each grad selects a gown, suit or tuxedo, shoes, purse and accessories. Students also have their hair and makeup done.

Third World Eye Care Society

The Third World Eye Care Society consists of eye care professionals and individuals who collect used eyeglasses from the public and travel to Third World countries providing free eye care and eyeglasses to the poor.

Many of these resources are drop off options and may not offer pick-up service. If time is what you are short of and space is what you crave, we are a believer of bringing in the experts to get the job done. Avoid the procrastination trap of deferring to ‘later’.

Thomas of Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal is our action partner in getting your piles to the right recycling or donation resource.

We are continually searching for local community recycling and donation resources. Please forward your favourite recycling or donation centre to Out of Chaos, as we are continually adding to our online Recycling and Donation Resources List.

For more resources, visit our website.