Gold Digging 101: Let’s Clear out that Jewellery Box

08, May 2017


If you’re someone who wears gold jewellery, chances are you have a stash of miscellaneous gold items in your drawers or jewellery box collecting dust.  They may be random broken pieces, single earrings or just pieces you no longer wear.

Well, they are worth taking a look at!

Valuable pieces can be repurposed as new jewellery items, their assessed value may be put towards other jewellery purchases, or they can be sold for cash.

Considering selling your gold items?

Gold buying scams are common, so be careful and do your homework.  Here are some tips:

  • Choose accredited buyers.  Check with the Better Business Bureau or consumer review sites.  Gold parties (similar idea to Tupperware parties) and mail-in buyers may not give you the best price.
  • Shop around once you’ve picked a few buying options.  I suggest choosing locally owned stores because they generally pay the most, but you may want to take your pieces to multiple locations.
  • Check the current gold prices.
  • Know the weight of your items before you visit a buyer.

To save some footwork, companies like Creative Goldsmiths have monthly “gold buying clinics”.  In addition, their in-house award-winning custom design services can recreate your existing jewellery into a custom work-of-art, or restyle a sentimental piece into a more modern style. You can check their website or give them a call.

There is no point in holding on to random pieces of jewellery that are of no use to you.  More sterling silver than gold?  The value is not as much, but it’s still worth investigating.  Unused jewellery is netting you $0 just sitting in a drawer!

So go have a look– you may have some real gems in there.

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