We Find the Secret Hiding Places

19, Jun 2017

hiding places

Beyond assisting homeowners to edit through the volume of their life possessions, we also have another important job: finding secret hiding places.

Many people have secret spots in their homes where they hide valuable items like money, jewelry or important documents.  Oftentimes, these spots are so private that they are overlooked and often forgotten.  You’d be surprised at how common this is!

We make a special effort to thoroughly go through possessions when our clients move, downsizing, or declutter. Some unique finds that we have come across:

  • An old 50’s tube tv cabinet that housed an envelope of $20 bills.  We unscrewed the back cover to find an envelope inside- the amount of money totaled $1,000.00
  • Secret pockets sewn inside the waistbands of pants and jacket sleeve cuffs.  It looked like used tissues were crammed inside, but each wad of tissue actually held a hefty supply of loonies & toonies
  • Return envelopes from utility companies hiding new $20 and $100 bills. They were stuffed into drawers, in china cabinets and inside of books and magazines.  The amount we found in one household was over $5,000.00

As you can imagine, homeowners are thrilled when we find these treasures for them.  So it certainly pays to check hiding spots if you’re downsizing, or helping someone downsize!

We often get called into homes when the volume of someone’s life possessions have reached a tipping point, causing more anxiety than happiness.  If you need help with downsizing, be sure to read some of our downsizing tips and articles here.  And if you need some assistance, please contact us at info@outofchaos.ca or 604.813.8189 to discuss your needs.

Are there secret hiding places have you uncovered while clearing out a loved one’s home?  We’d love to hear them– so please comment below!