Why You Should Purge Instead of Making Storage Space

10, Jul 2017


Don’t get me wrong, I love storage solutions.

With a little ingenuity, you can install shelves in your entry way, bike hooks in the garage or build clever window seat boxes to hide kitchen paraphernalia. There are wonderful baskets, boxes, hooks and drawer organizers that corral your necessities and keep them out of your way.

In fact, it’s a lot of fun to visit retail stores and see what beautiful merchandise they have to offer.  And I know,  it can be tempting to buy them.  But if you come home and realize you don’t truly have a use for it, it just adds to your mess.

Here’s the truth: You should be removing the clutter, not creating more storage space.  You are likely holding on to items you really don’t need in the first place.  And if you don’t use these things why keep them?

For more information on reducing clutter, follow our easy C.L.E.A.R. acronym (Categorize, Limit, Evaluate, Allocate, Reduce).  Be sure to read my previous blog post called We Clear, You Clean.

Once you’ve reached the “Allocate” stage, you’ll know what you need to keep. This is the fun part!  Gone are the items weighing you down.  You can now decide where and how you should store all your remaining (and important) things.

By all means, NOW go shopping.  From hooks that hold everyday clothing to big plastic bins that get tucked-away for holiday decorations, there are oodles of options in the marketplace to keep your stuff in order.

Locally, I enjoy shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond for both home and office solutions.  But there are lots of stores that now offer clever options.  Enjoy the process!

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