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02, Aug 2017

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter

You Win If You Lose: Uncle Alec’s will read that the two remaining heirs, Polly and William, must stage a horse race, and the family inheritance would go to the heir that owned the LOSING horse.  The trainer speculated that with these rules, the race might never end.  But the art of the deal ran deep in the family veins, and between them Polly and William managed to agree on a plan that would ensure a good, sportsmanlike race.  What plan did they decide on to accomplish this?

Answer:  Polly and William agreed to switch horses.

Here’s how:  With these rules, each rider would need to beat the mount that was ridden by the other heir in order to collect the inheritance.  Remember here that the will refers to the OWNER of the losing horse, not the rider of the losing horse.