10 Tips to Successfully Pack Moving Boxes

16, Aug 2017

Preparing to move?  

Although packing can be tedious, it is important to take extra time and care to properly organize your boxed items for a move.  It’s a terrible feeling when you open a moving box and realize something has been broken or damaged.  I’ve helped many clients move over the years, so here are a few tips I’d like to share.

Be sure to pack:
  1. Dishes and Bowls on their rims, never flat
  2. Glasses and Stemware on their rims to protect delicate stems
  3. Sharp Knives wrapped with an arrow marked on the outside to indicate sharp end
  4. Lids Inverted and placed wrapped upside down in the cooking pot, tea pot or casserole
  5. Heavy Items on the bottom of the box, lighter on top
  6. Picture Frames with Glass facing each other for protection
  7. Cords and Cables wrapped individually to avoid that rat’s nest
  8. Spaces with packing paper or other filling materials so there’s no movement in the box
  9. Sets & Categories gathered together (cleaning supplies, toys, etc.)
  10. Items with More Than One Piece labeled “1 of 2” parcels or “contains 2 pieces” on the outside

It takes a bit of patience and attention, but following these tips should help you successfully pack your contents in boxes to avoid any damages.  It will be worth it at the end, trust me!

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