Productivity Pointers from Productive People – Joanne Loberg edition

21, Aug 2017

Joanne Loberg

Ever wonder how some business leaders are so productive?

They are incredibly busy, yet accomplish what they want in less time than many others.  As a Professional Organizer, I’m lucky to meet many inspiring individuals who fall into this illustrious category.  In this monthly Q&A segment, I am pleased to share their valuable tips on what makes them so productive at work.

This month we talk to Joanne Loberg, Career Consultant/Executive Coach at JL Careers to learn what makes her so organized and successful.

1.     What are the biggest time wasters in your life? What do you do to manage them?

General emails (not from clients).  I review these at the end of my day if I have time.

2.     Tell us about your everyday “essentials” for business? (e.g. Mobile phone, apps, virtual assistant? etc.)

Outlook calendar, my cell phone, my administrative team, and MS Office 365 to ensure it’s backed up 24/7

3.     How do you manage and organize yourself electronically (online, mobile phone, computer)

I have a cloud based system that supports readily 24/7 access to client information, reports and invoicing for myself and my administrative team. This enables quick access to critical client information to support forward planning, invoicing and corporate reporting.  Outlook is my go to source for scheduling my meetings and tracking daily priorities.

4.     How do you organize and file your paper information?

I create back up paper files for clients inclusive of meeting reports, contracts and research notes.  Paper files enable sharing of key resources during client meetings.

5.     What’s your top tip to staying organized & productive?

Keeping focused on my annual strategic objectives.  I have reduced these to monthly and weekly deliverables.  Weekly these are reviewed to determine if I’m on course or off, and then I devise a solution to get back on track and drive objectives.

6.     What do you do to achieve work-life balance?

My husband keeps me on track as he champions me to unplug and renew, and to avoid working every evening and weekend. 

Joanne Loberg is the Principal of JL Careers, an executive coaching and career consulting practice that develops and facilitates career management programs which support leadership development, succession management, and employee retention objectives.