Win-Win: Charitable Tax Receipts for Donated Items

11, Sep 2017

charitable donations

Did you know some Canadian charities offer charitable tax receipts for donated items? It’s true!  Although the charities we researched won’t issue receipts for used clothing or household paraphernalia, items of higher value are eligible.

Based on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, tax receipts for donations other than monetary donations will be valued based on fair market value.

Here are a few charities who offer receipts:

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Thrift Store provides tax receipts for new or almost new furniture, exceptional donations (such as antiques, new clothing and estates) and gently used or new vehicles. An experienced Thrift Store Manager can give you an estimate. See for locations.

Diabetes Canada

This organization will offer charitable tax receipts for items of high value, including collectibles, jewelry, art, vehicles etc.  The receipt will not be for the retail or wholesale value, but for the net amount raised through the donation.  For more information visit Product Donations Program at

Habitat for Humanity

When you donate valuable home decor or building supply items to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, they offer charitable tax receipts.  The amount of the receipt is dependent on the resale value of the item.  Visit for locations.

Check with your local charity to assess significant items that you are donating.

Donating to charity AND getting a charitable tax receipt?  Definitely a win-win!

Do you know of other organizations that offer charitable receipts?  Let us know! We’d love to compile a list and add it to our Resources Page.