How to Overcome Wardrobe Overload

10, Oct 2017

wardrobe overload

Are you someone who stares at their stuffed wardrobe and declares, “I have nothing to wear!”?

Well, if you find assembling the right outfit baffling, you’re not alone.  Most of us have clothes we buy and think we’ll wear regularly, but don’t.  In fact, recent research estimates that most of us don’t wear 60% of the clothes in our closet.  Think of how much money you spent on the items that just take up space!

As a Professional Organizer, I’ve seen my share of burgeoning closets and wardrobe overload.  Here are some tips you may want to consider, especially if space is limited:

Don’t shop trends!

Ignore the “season must haves” and stick to clothes that suit you and your lifestyle. Or if you do splurge on a trend, make it something that you can wear more than once- or make it a smaller purchase like an accessory.  Stretch your hard-earned money.

Buy only what you truly love.

Often, we purchase things because we want the pleasure of buying something – only to regret it later.  Don’t impulse buy.  Think about it overnight.  If you decide you must have it, then go for it.  (But make sure it goes with items you already own!)

Buy quality.

Do your research and consider the more expensive, well-made clothing and footwear.  Those pricey boots?  They may be $300+, but they can last you more than the usual 2 to 5 years.  You initially might feel happy bringing home the $49.99 ones, but if they only last you a season or two, is it worth it?  Now you have to get rid of them- and if they’re of inferior quality they’ll likely end up in the landfill.

What is the right number of clothes?  Some style professionals will say 37 items, others 48 items etc. But everyone is different.  I know someone who only buys clothes in black, grey and white.  This may not work for most of us– but boy, can she put together an outfit in a snap!

All too often, we buy clothes for the wrong reasons, our closets and drawers get stuffed and we have wardrobe overload.  Choose wisely and you’ll always find something to wear.

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