How to Organize your Home & Appeal to Buyers

17, Oct 2017

appeal to buyers

When I step into an orderly home, I feel a sense of calm and welcome.  And if you’re shopping for a new home, this neatness can certainly appeal to buyers.  It can also indicate another selling point- that the owners are maintaining their home behind the scenes too.

Thinking of selling?  Here are a few simple ways to organize your home:

Tidy up your entrance to boost your curb & entry appeal

As they say, first impressions count. Spruce up your front entry, inside and out, to entice buyers.  Are you someone who stores their recycling bins and broom at your front door?  It’s time to find a new home for them! Make it composed, neat and appealing.

And be sure to consider inside your front door too. Straighten it up and ensure you have designated areas for everyday things like shoes, coats, and mail.

Invest in storage solutions to hold (and hide) your things

Without a doubt, storage space is a BIG selling feature.  If you have stray items around (like golf clubs!) and packed closets, buyers will think there isn’t enough space for their things.  As I tell all my clients – start your decluttering process early (not the night before an open house) and remove anything you absolutely won’t need until after the move.  You will be moving soon, so pre-pack these items and get them out of the way and make space!

Purchase some attractive organizing solutions, like shelves, bins or boxes, that will help your place look more orderly.  The good news is you can bring them with you to your new space.

Arrange your home so it “flows” for potential buyers

Take a walk through your home and move or remove any furniture that makes it feel overcrowded.  You don’t want people to run into or squeeze between furniture to tour your space.

Tight spaces can feel small and claustrophobic which will lead potential buyers to think that their belongings will not fit.  You may want to consider short-term storage for some furniture if it helps with the “flow”.

If you’re selling your home, you want buyers to see how amazing your space is, not how chaotic it looks. Does an organized home appeal to buyers?  You bet!  You want them to imagine what it will feel like for them to live there.

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