Secret Tools of a Professional Organizer- Storage Boxes

30, Oct 2017

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes. Love them.  From cookies to Christmas decor, they are so adaptable, functional and easy to use. These fantastic catch-alls are definitely an organizers secret tool.  You can colour-code for categories like photos/keepsakes vs sporting goods.  Plus, consider bins with rollers to make them easy to move around.

Here are my top 3 types:

Number 3: Large Plastic Totes

Rubbermaid Roughneck ToteMy go-to for storage space, basement and garage storage. They’re ideal for seasonal items (holiday decor and winter clothes), sports equipment and much more.  If you’re storing items in a basement or attic, plastic totes help shield you against the elements- just in case.  They come in lots of sizes, but I suggest you don’t go too big as they become bulky and hard to move. Pack up items you don’t need very often, snap on the lid and stack them out of site.  So great.

Number 2: Clear Utility Boxes

These super-handy boxes are about double the size of shoe boxes (either double the height or double the width).  They can fit men’s shoes, ladies boots and other Sterilite white storage boxthings like files, gift wrapping supplies or accessories like hats, scarves or mitts. Plus, they can be stacked in closet corners to take advantage of every square inch of space. Pick the clear variety, you don’t need to open and look inside.

Number 1 Top Pick: Clear Shoe Boxes

Bed Bath & Beyond stackable shoe boxesAlthough you can find them in so many places now, believe me, that wasn’t always the case!  Of course, these are great for much more than shoes.  I use them for organizing batteries, pet treats, spices, food storage lids and many more things! Messy art supplies for your kids?  Clear shoe boxes are a fabulous solution. One of my clients has these in her kitchen drawers to hold her children’s art supplies.  Pencil crayons in one, markers in another and pens and glue in the 3rd.  Kids can find what they need in seconds.  

Whether it’s for an office, small condo or huge house, these 3 storage box sizes are awesome.  Be sure to purchase ones that can open easily and are sturdy (cheap ones are prone to snapping).  Also, I recommend buying in bulk!

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