3 Ways a Professional Organizer Helps Homeowners AND Realtors

27, Nov 2017


I’ve been very lucky to have worked in the Professional Organizing Industry for over 15 years.  And while it’s not a common line of work (yes, I must explain my occupation to many people in the course of a year!) it is a  rewarding one.

One of the busiest aspects of my job is working with homeowners and realtors during the home sale and moving process.  Regardless of what your role is in selling a home, it can be a stressful time with deadlines and to-dos.

If you haven’t used the services of a Professional Organizer, here’s what we can do:

#1  We help homeowners prepare their home for quick placement on the market.

In fact, we can do the homework that was assigned to the homeowner!  This can include downsizing the volume of items no longer needed or carefully editing years of collections.  If needed, we are happy to clear space in your home so a Home Stager can work their magic to stage the house for sale.

#2  We pre-pack household items not needed during the Open House process.

As I always say, if a homeowner is moving, we might as well pack it now!  If you need to prepare for an Open House, take this opportunity to store things you won’t require until your new home.  It saves time later, creates space and opens up the rooms for potential buyers to envision their own items in your home.

#3  After the sale, we provide full packing and move coordination.

We are well versed in managing all the details such as removal services, a moving company, cleaners and so on.  In fact, we can even be on site during move day to receive the moving truck (at both ends!) and provide full unpack and set-up services.  Can you imagine avoiding move day altogether and returning with all your boxes unpacked in a fully set-up house?  Yes, we can do that!

Selling a home and moving can be a hectic and stressful time. Professional Organizers are here to make the process easier for homeowners AND Realtors.  To learn about what Professional Organizers do, visit organizersincanada.com.

To find out more about move coordination services from Out of Chaos Professional Organizing Services, please visit Move Management Services or simply contact me at 604.813.8189.