5 Perks to Downsizing Your Home

16, Dec 2017

downsizing your home

Downsizing your home is a hot topic nowadays.  Times have changed, baby-boomers are retiring, condo-living has flourished and we’ve realized we don’t need to “live large” to live happy.  I’d have to say the majority of my clients report they are quite satisfied after they’ve downsized.

There are a lot of benefits to moving into a smaller home. Here are 5:

1) Gives you more free time

A larger house generally means more cleaning, yard work and house repairs.  If you move into a smaller home, you’ll likely have more time to do what you love: travel, spend time with family and enjoy your hobbies.

2) Saves you money on superfluous things

Quite simply, the less space you have, the less stuff you need. Shopping will be pared down because you won’t have the space to store items that don’t fill a function.

3) Avoids you costs of running a house

The price of running a large home can be high.  From heating and repairs to appliance replacement, there’s a lot homeowners have to deal with.  If you’re moving into a smaller home, you’ re likely to spend less on all these things.  And bonus- if that home is new and energy efficient, you’ll likely have even less to worry about.

4) Lets you live with what you love

When you edit down what you own, you can keep what you really love.  Gone are the extra couch, old bedding and mismatched Tupperware.  (And if you’re a parent with adult children, this is your opportunity to return some items to their “rightful” owners!)  This is also the perfect time to spend your money on a few key pieces that you’ve always wanted.

5) Gives you a fresh start

Consider downsizing your home a new chapter in your life. If you were successful with your home sale, you may have extra money for your retirement or to help your children with a down-payment.  Plus, you are not encumbered with “things” and now have a new neighbourhood to explore.

Downsizing is good!

If you would like more information on downsizing, be sure to read Downsizing Your Home in 5 Basic Steps.  Or if you’d rather hire a professional, Out of Chaos is here to help.  Simply contact us at info@outofchaos.ca or 604.813.8189.