9 Ways to Make Holiday Office Downtime Productive

22, Dec 2017

Office Downtime

If you work in an office environment, December can mean an entirely different routine from the rest of the year. Most likely it’s a  busy holiday celebratory period and then- poof- it’s office downtime when co-workers and clients take vacation.

This slower stretch at work is the perfect time to be productive. Take this opportunity to wrap up the current year and prepare for the next.  Here are a few suggestions:

No. 1  Edit

If your desk (or office) is cluttered, now’s the perfect time to make some important decisions on all the paper that’s been accumulating. This can include scanning important items and filing them electronically and shredding confidential documents you no longer need.

No. 2  Deal with things you’ve been putting off

They may not be glamorous, but things like budgeting needs or expense reports may be part of your job. You’ll feel so good when you get them done.

No. 3  Tackle that inbox

Carve out some time to save attachments & information resources and then delete the rest.  Remember that your inbox is to send & receive information.  It’s NOT storage!

No. 4  Track your accomplishments

Take some time to reflect on what you completed this year.  Be kind to yourself!  It’s fantastic to have this reference for the future.

No. 5  Plan ahead

What are your goals for the new year?  Sit back and look at opportunities for streamlining or increasing business. Also, don’t lose sight of your personal plan – it’s important to have personal goals and a strategic plan on how to achieve them.  (BTW writing them down helps you accomplish them!)

No. 6  Develop an appreciation plan

This is too often overlooked.  What can you do to acknowledge your clients, co-workers or business contacts?   Without their support, where would you be?

No. 7  Clean up your database and network

Note who has moved on from their current job and who you should you follow-up with in the New Year.

No. 8  Build bonds with your team

If it’s hard to find time to socialize with your co-workers & connections, downtime is great time to go for coffee or an extended lunch and get caught up.

No. 9  Learn

There are lots of courses you can take advantage of at your desk. Look online to learn some skills and tools to help you in your career. (Bonus- lots of them are free.)

Use this office downtime to your advantage.  You’ll have a jumpstart on January!

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