Breakfast Television: Purge with Purpose 2018 edition

08, Jan 2018

purge with purpose

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to purge those household items you no longer need or use.

If you’re ready to declutter, but are concerned about contributing to the landfill, rest assured there are lots of great organizations to help give your items a second life.

So if you want to Purge with Purpose, here are some tips from my Breakfast Television Vancouver spot.

1. Furniture and Household items

There are many places to donate your gently used household items, but larger pieces like furniture can sometimes be harder to pass on.  One organization in particular I recommend is the Highlands United Church Shelter to Home program. They help people on the North Shore transition from homelessness to independent living, who are in need of filling an empty home with furniture & basic household items.

2. Vintage Tea Cups and Saucers

In our age of dishwashers and microwaves, the tea set is not as popular as a couple generations ago.  If it’s time to clear out these delicate cups, saucers and pots, consider donating them to a local High Tea Salon.  Check out Vancouver’s Secret Garden Tea and Neverland Tea Salon.

3. Men’s Office and Construction Clothing

Working Gear is a great local resource.  The male equivalent to Dress for Success, they accept everything from boots to suits and will help outfit men looking to transition into (or back into) the workforce.

4. Yarn for Knitting Projects

Many teachers and volunteers now bring knitting into schools and teach kids this fabulous hobby during lunch break and recess.  One person I know teaches kids at False Creek Elementary school and they donate their completed hats and scarves to individuals in need.  Yarn is always in demand.  Her contact information is

5. Textiles, Fabric and Sewing

Fabric is a huge contributor to landfills.  Luckily, organizations like Our Social Fabric accepts donations of textiles, fabric and sewing related supplies.  Donations get into the hands of crafters, sewers and artists in our community.

Want to declutter and feel good about it?  Purge with Purpose!

More information on donation resources can be found on our Resources Page. See the full Breakfast TV spot here.

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