Family Organizing

Secret Tools of a Professional Organizer- Storage Boxes

30, Oct 2017

Storage boxes. Love them.  From cookies to Christmas decor, they are so adaptable, functional and easy to use. These fantastic catch-alls are definitely an organizers secret tool.  You can colour-code for categories like photos/keepsakes vs sporting goods.  Plus, consider bins with rollers to make them easy to move around. Here are… Read more

Downsizing Elderly Parents: Essential Information to Find & Record

18, Sep 2017

Without a doubt, downsizing elderly parents can be a stressful job for adult children.  My team and I regularly work with individuals or siblings who are helping their parents edit down and move into a smaller living space. When we help pack, we are always on the lookout for valuable… Read more

Breakfast Television: How to Teach Your Kids to be More Organized

22, Jun 2017

School may be out, but teaching isn’t over!  There is no Organizing 101 class, so it’s up to parents to give their kids the tools to be more organized.  From my Breakfast Television Vancouver visit, here are some skills and tips I think kids need for success. Time management skills… Read more

Spring Cleaning your Kitchen: 3 Things to Target

21, Mar 2017

Did you know studies show a clean and tidy home makes people happier?  It’s true! While it can be overwhelming to tackle cleaning every room in your home at once, targeting the kitchen for a good spring de-cluttering is always a good idea.  As one of the most used rooms… Read more

How to Organize Your Stored Photographs

06, Feb 2017

If you’re still holding on to loose photos or old photographs and negatives in their original packaging, it’s time to sort them out! Yes, we do live in a digital era, but so many of us still have envelopes or boxes of printed photographs prior to the digital camera/camera phone… Read more

Quick Tips on Maintaining a Family Calendar

09, Jan 2017

It’s true – many of us live in a digital age with online calendars and great alert systems.  But, if you have a family with kids, it can be beneficial to post a good old physical calendar for everyone to reference. There’s no need to search for your phone(s) and everyone… Read more

Quick Tips on Keeping a Living Room Formal

14, Dec 2016

If you have children or visit houses with children, you know how toys can take over living spaces.  Stuffed animals, games, musical instruments… wow, there can be a lot of toys.  As an adult, you don’t necessarily want to banish children from a formal living room, but you do want… Read more

Do You Know Where Your Clothes Go?

17, Oct 2016

While clearing your closet is very important, it’s also necessary to be socially responsible.   My team and I make every effort to ensure unwanted clothing items have a second life in some form. When dealing with clothes, what sustainable choices can you make? Don’t throw unwanted clothing in the garbage… Read more

Use the Good Dishes

19, Sep 2016

A large part of my job includes helping homeowners downsize from a larger home to a smaller one. My team and I often edit through their life collections and uncover beautiful gifts and purchases never used (and sometimes never even opened). As they look at their items and decide what… Read more