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Breakfast Television: Purge with Purpose 2018 edition

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to purge those household items you no longer need or use. If you’re ready to declutter, but are concerned about contributing to the landfill, rest assured there are lots of great organizations to help give your items a second… Read more

purge with purpose

Breakfast Television: Purge with Purpose

Are you putting off Spring Cleaning because you don’t know what to do with your old stuff?  If you want to purge with purpose, here are some tips from my Breakfast Television Vancouver spot. 1. Towels and Blankets Help out local organizations that care for animals. Contact the Vancouver Orphan Kitten… Read more

purge with purpose

BC Almanac: How to Begin Spring Cleaning

If you didn’t catch my CBC BC Almanac radio segment, here are some tips I shared on how to tackle Spring Cleaning or “Spring Clearing” as I like to call it. 1. Determine your Spring Cleaning Goal Do you want to get your car in the garage or actually have… Read more

spring cleaning

How to Manage the Influx of Information

BC Legal Management Association (BCLMA) article published January 2017. If you feel inundated by the amount of information coming into your office, here’s how to manage what comes in and where it lands.


De-clutter your desktop

By Beatrice Paez | Investment Executive article published October 7, 2016. Clutter on your computer desktop can hobble productivity just as much as a messy workspace can. It can make important files difficult to find and make you less efficient. Learn how to tackle your digital clutter from Linda Chu, a… Read more

De-clutter your desktop

These apps reduce clutter

By Beatrice Paez | Investment Executive article published September 13, 2016. If paper is the No. 1 source of office clutter, “going paperless” is the solution. And the drive toward the paperless office as a means of boosting productivity has resulted in numerous apps aimed at reducing paper clutter, says… Read more

De-clutter your desktop

Create a Command Centre to Organize Your Family

If you missed my segment on Breakfast Television Vancouver, please read on for some tips on how to Create a Family Command Centre! Family life can be chaotic, so it’s great to have a central hub or “command centre” where everyone can keep track of what’s going on. A command… Read more

Organizing a Study Space on BT Vancouver

View my study space segment on Breakfast Television Vancouver this week, on behalf of the Professional Organizers in Canada. In preparation for Back to School, Riaz Meghji and I discussed what it takes to make a great study space.  Include good lighting, a comfy chair, a homework “dumping zone” and some other great ideas to… Read more

Organizing study spaces with Riaz Meghji