Money Organizing

3 Ways a Professional Organizer Helps Homeowners AND Realtors

27, Nov 2017

I’ve been very lucky to have worked in the Professional Organizing Industry for over 15 years.  And while it’s not a common line of work (yes, I must explain my occupation to many people in the course of a year!) it is a  rewarding one. One of the busiest aspects… Read more

Tech Savvy Organizing

22, May 2008

We’ve got a problem these days that past generations would have loved to have: too much information. Now, organizing the information takes on paramount importance. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Emails demand to be read. Refrigerator doors and bulletin boards become graveyards for lost and forgotten sticky notes. And that… Read more

Chu’sing to be Savvy with your Money

30, Apr 2007

It’s tax time, one of the more stressful times of the year. Not only are you in search mode, looking for all your documents, but you are possibly even more stressed about having to pay the tax man. In speaking with a business colleague, Nancy Zimmerman, she concurs that her… Read more

Save Money by Being Organized

06, Dec 2005

Do you walk into a room, intent on looking for something and feel like you want to slam the door shut and run? There’s that welling sensation at the base of your throat or the tell-tale anxiety that you feel in your chest. We often dread having to look for… Read more

How to Organize Your Money

10, May 2005

Nancy Zimmerman of Your Money by Design shares with us some quick tips to get on top of money matters.