Office Organizing

How to Manage the Influx of Information

19, Jan 2016

Overwhelmed by the constant influx of information into your office? The one thing you can’t change is that information will continue to come in, but you can take charge on how you manage what flows in and where it lands. Watch video here. Information comes in many forms, each of… Read more

Got Spaghetti Cords?

09, Oct 2012

While many of us continue to struggle with managing our overload in electronic information and our overflowing email in-boxes, there lies in a deep corner of your office in a drawer hidden away, a tangled mess of cords, software & manuals.  In this electronic mecca of gadgets, where one upgrade… Read more

Organized desk organizes your work

24, Oct 2011

For 62 per cent of employed Canadians, work was identified as the primary culprit of stress in 2010 according to new numbers from StatisticsCanada. A pressure-cooker to begin with, the workplace is made even more stressful by being disorganized. “Canadians are in a constant time crunch and experience feelings of stress,  failure… Read more

Lists, Clutter, Interruptions, Email. Arrrrgh!

07, Jan 2010

By Jennifer Myers The Globe and Mail, December 26, 2009 Heading into the new year may be just the time to look at order and disorder in the workplace. Your desk is a mess. You can’t dig out your to-do list from the overflowing pile, never mind tick off any… Read more

Outsourcing Your Hiring Activities to the Experts

18, Aug 2009

With the downturn in the economy many are finding themselves doing the work of two or more people. Take for instance a recent Vancouver-based client of mine who was in the position of hiring for a short-term entry level position in their company. The vacancy created a flurry of over… Read more

The Secret to Organizing

29, Oct 2008

What is the ultimate fail-safe product that will keep all your papers from conspiring into those endless piles? Is there a magical secret process to keeping your desktop clear, preventing the mail from littering your kitchen counter, or remembering where you placed those season hockey tickets? The secret to organizing… Read more

Making the Move Less Stressful

27, Aug 2008

The big move is coming. They say moving is one of the top five stress-inducers, right up there with the job interview, the pink slip, divorce or critical illness. But the move doesn’t have to be a ticking stress-bomb. Out of Chaos’ team of organizers helps both residents and business… Read more

The Tickler File

14, Feb 2006

How many times each day do you spend writing yourself notes on pieces of paper and post-it notes, to remind yourself about a task that you must do? This action would be ideal if only you did not continue to miss doing or finding things. The Tickler File — or… Read more