Organizing Tips – General

Is it time to Shred Those Business Documents?

24, Apr 2017

Whether you work at home or not, chances are you have a stash of business documents you no longer need.  From bills to business documents to tax records, these records are likely just sitting around taking up space. Yes, you are required to keep your Revenue Canada related income tax and… Read more

How to Organize Your Stored Photographs

06, Feb 2017

If you’re still holding on to loose photos or old photographs and negatives in their original packaging, it’s time to sort them out! Yes, we do live in a digital era, but so many of us still have envelopes or boxes of printed photographs prior to the digital camera/camera phone… Read more

Computer Donation and Recycling Options

26, Sep 2016

Do you have an old computer, sitting at home collecting dust? With technology advancements today, there’s little point in holding on to old electronics.  And luckily, there are lots of organizations that can keep them out of landfills and give them a second life .  Here are some great computer recycling and donation options my team recommends: Free… Read more

How to Organize Your Garage

25, Jul 2016

How do you organize your garage? With summer in full swing, and your garage being used daily, things can get pretty messy in there. Kids are using scooters and bikes and once they’re done with them, they just lay them down wherever. Exhausted from a camping trip, you just toss your camping… Read more

Clutter is a State of Mind: How it Affects Us

11, Jul 2016

Even our storage supplier friends from Down Under, Kennards Self Storage New Zealand, have clients who face the same problems we face here on the West Coast when dealing with clutter. How Clutter Affects Us Clutter affects us in various different ways, other than not being aesthetically pleasing: Increased anxiety Impaired… Read more

We Clear, You Clean

31, May 2016

Life gets busy and we forget (or procrastinate) to do things we don’t like doing, like spring cleaning. Here at Out of Chaos, we prefer to call it Spring Clearing. Follow our easy C.L.E.A.R. acronym and do your spring clearing chores before summer gets here! C.L.E.A.R. Categorize: the process of… Read more

Organize an Emergency Wildfire Kit

10, May 2016

Courtesy of Professional Organizers in Canada The wildfires in Fort McMurray is a devastating eye-opener of how prepared or ill-prepared we are for emergencies. Professional Organizers in Canada is sharing their top tips for organizing and implementing emergency kits. Develop an emergency kit that can last 72 hours In addition to your basic… Read more

10 Great Ways To Store Boots

12, Apr 2016

Shoe racks and shelves are fine for storing sneakers, flip-flops and heels. But boots usually don’t fit onto these one-size-fits-all solutions, leaving boots to flop over or pile up on the floor. That leads to not just a frustrating organizational eyesore, but also causes unnecessary wear and tear on your… Read more

Three Fixes to Your Cluttered Entry Hallway

23, Feb 2016

The entryway is the one area in every home that gets messy easily. It’s the right of passage for every family member coming in and putting their things down, cluttering up what is often a very congested area. Three Common Entry Hallway Problems Hanging Space for Coats Shoe Storage Mail… Read more

Organizing Options for Your Kitchen & Pantry

26, Jan 2016

One on side is easier access, more organization and more storage space. On the other side is your kitchen and pantry. Do these sound like a natural fit or a mismatch? Having an organized kitchen and pantry is not as easy as you might want it to be. A functional… Read more