Work Life Balance

5 Favourite Holiday Organizing Tips

14, Nov 2016

If you find yourself more stressed than cheerful during the holidays, you’re not alone.  Christmas and New Year celebrations come with a lot of expectations.  They are likely piled on from friends, family, business associates– and you. If you know you’ll have a lot on your plate this year, what’s… Read more

How to Find Social Networking Events to Turn into Business Opportunities

12, Sep 2016

Taking an organized approach to social networking for business is important. Your business benefits when you get out and about and meet new (and old) contacts in your industry. So how do you find the social networking events where you can maximize your time and find business opportunities? Here’s a list of the… Read more

3 Tips to Successfully Set Work-at-Home Boundaries

15, Aug 2016

Working from home can be a liberating experience for many entrepreneurs and employees. But with general household distractions and kids underfoot, getting actual work done can be challenging.  In order to keep their businesses on track, successful workers know the power of creating an organized workspace, developing good habits and… Read more

Clutter compounds work-place stress for Canadians

17, Oct 2011

Un-cluttering the workplace leads to less stress and greater productivity TORONTO, October 17, 2011 – For 62 percent of working Canadians, work, was identified as the primary culprit of stress in 2010 according to new numbers from Statistics Canada release last week. A pressure-cooker to begin with, the workplace is… Read more

Performing with a Clear Mind and Unburdened Heart

23, Feb 2010

Have you seen the Olympic ski jumpers doing those twisting jumps five storeys into the air and land perfectly on an angle I’d be scared to walk down? I’ve been captivated by the incredible achievements of the Olympic athletes. And when I see the interviews with them, they all seem… Read more

Productivity Pointers from Successful People.

21, Dec 2009

Timothy Renshaw, Managing Editor of Business in Vancouver In this latest “Organizing Tips from Successful People” segment, Managing Editor Timothy Renshaw of the award-winning weekly news source, Business in Vancouver explains below how we need to prepare as though we’re in a marathon – because in some ways, that’s what… Read more

Organizing Your Work, Yourself and Your Environment

23, Jun 2009

Finding the right balance invariably comes into conversation when I work with clients. This month I’ll share with you a tip for your work, yourself, and your environment. No Time to Open All Those Emails Here’s a quick tip to put into practice immediately, to save precious time when managing… Read more

Ending Procrastination

23, Jun 2008

About 95 per cent of us have done it at some point. For up to 20 per cent of us, it’s a chronic behavior that induces guilt and feelings of inadequacy (CBC News). Procrastination. For some people, it’s a curse, preventing them from achieving the things they want in life…. Read more

Work-Life Balance

14, Nov 2007

Go Go Go. More More More — and yet…it never seems to be enough. Never enough effort, never enough time. I was just in Toronto presenting at a Conference, the theme aptly titled, Conquer the Chaos. As Deborah Conners, the President of Health, Work & Wellness Conference states, “distracted, unfocused… Read more

What a Mess!

10, Jul 2007

As a Professional Organizer, we are consultants, who assist in developing systems to organize the piles that have accumulated in peoples lives at home and work. We are often contacted for hands-on tangible results with your physical possessions. In speaking with my Coach Willie Carter, of The Next Step Personal… Read more