Host an Organizing Workshop in the Vancouver Area

Living an organized life is about much more than keeping your desk or closet neat and tidy–it’s about optimal management of your time, your space and your actions. That starts with learning some healthy habits.

Out of Chaos offers several presentations and seminars that teach these habits while covering the many facets of organization. Professional organizer Linda Chu comes to you and shares insights and proven effective home and office organizing tips. She’ll not only teach you how to better organize your life right now, but also how to build the habits required to stay organized for life.

Our organizing workshops can be customized for your goals. They’re great on their own, or as a supplement to any office meeting or event, including:

  • In-house presentations
  • Annual general meetings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Conferences
  • Lunch & learns
  • Professional development

Workshops for Organizing the Office

Teach your team how to work smarter through better organization and build a strong foundation for business success. Our office organizing workshops include:

Focusing on What Matters Most (How to Get More Out of Your Time)

Are you experiencing information overload? Is the stress of too much email, voicemail, documents and interruptions overwhelming you? It doesn’t have to!

In this workshop, professional organizer Linda Chu teaches you how to get organized by focusing on what matters most:

  • The difference between focusing on Importance vs. Urgency
  • Prioritizing using the 5 Ds of Decision Making
  • Understanding the power of “NO”
  • Using your calendar to get from “To Do” to “To Done”
  • Using MS Outlook to manage your email inbox, contacts, calendar and tasks

S.P.A.C.E. Management

Get an immediate boost in office productivity by learning how to implement the five essential steps of S.P.A.C.E. management. This office organizing workshop turbo-boosts workflow and turbo-charges your team for success with smart organization strategies.

Superior Office Organization with the GO System™

Learn how to address the six major issues that could be causing chaos and disorganization in your workplace. In this workshop, your team will learn effective office organizing tips that will help them:

  • Handle incoming correspondence
  • Prioritize workplace issues
  • Make rational use of time
  • Manage projects more efficiently
  • Deal with personality conflicts
  • Deal with psychological issues

Workshop participants also receive a copy of the Get Organized book and an easy-to-follow GO System™ implementation kit.

Moving From Paper Piles to Paper Files with FreedomFiler®

Stop wasting time on administration! Free up your time to focus on more important tasks by learning how to manage your documents more efficiently for quick access and better workflow. This workshop teaches you how to implement the FreedomFiler® system–a user-friendly home filing system.

Professional Organizing Strategies for Owners, Executives and Managers

Time is money, especially for executives and business owners. If you’re not using yours efficiently you could be hurting your bottom line.

Learn how to improve your workflow and decision-making power with our workshops designed to help people in upper management positions make better use of their time.

Boosting Your Productivity Through Better Decision Making

Watch your productivity skyrocket by learning our five-step approach to effective management of your time, information and projects. Set an example for your colleagues as you refine your decision-making skills and reach new heights in your career.

Managing Your Email So It Doesn’t Manage You

Communication is power! Don’t let large amounts of email overpower you or interrupt your workflow. This workshop will teach you how to stay on top of your email and other messaging systems so you can be a more effective manager.

Organizing Workshop for Home-Based Business Owners

Finding Your Home in Your Home Office

Home-based business owners often experience difficulty maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. This workshop teaches you essential strategies for recognizing boundaries and maintaining this balance. You’ll also learn:

  • The 10 deadly sins of home offices
  • How to recognize habits that are sabotaging your success
  • How to make changes that help your business grow

Professional Organizing for Families and Home-Based Caregivers

Putting Your Kids and Parents on a Clutter Diet

Whether you’re caring for your children, your aging parents, or both, managing their clutter is an added stress you often don’t have time to deal with. This workshop gives you essential organizing tips for decluttering your space and creating a more livable home where you can actually enjoy spending time in with your loved ones.