Tips for Organizing Clutter and Much More

Why You Should Care About How Your Office Space Looks

  So happy to chat with Elle Canada about workplace organization! My tips included: Separate your to-do list into “active,” “reference” and “archival.” Active files can be on your desk. Reference should be nearby and archival info should be moved far away from your workspace. At the end of each… Read more

My Discoveries from Down Under : Great Organizing Products

If you know me, you know I often lament there are no fantastic stores in Canada dedicated to organizing products.   We have large retailers that carry bits and pieces of storage and organizing solutions: Bed Bath & Beyond, Canadian Tire, Home Depot etc.  And we do have a smaller… Read more

What is an Online Estate Auction Anyway?


I know most people picture auctions as a big event in large room filled with rows of people holding paddles ready to bid on unique treasures. But an online auction can be more efficient, less stressful and more cost effective! If you’re thinking of downsizing a large home with lots… Read more

Visual Brainstorms ®

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter Ball Maze: Assuming that all three colored balls will roll freely through this maze, what is the color of the ball that will exit from chute number two? Answer:  The yellow ball will exit from chute number two, as illustrated below.

3 Things You Should Know About Gift Cards

gift cards

When we help clients organize, we often come across gift cards piled up or tucked away.   Without a doubt, these little plastic wonders are really popular for shoppers and retailers.  In fact, you can’t help but notice the wide variety of options at the huge gift card kiosks stationed… Read more

How to Sit Less and Still be Productive at Work


Do you sit too much? If your job requires you to be at a desk for the majority of the day, it can take a toll on you.  When we’re sedentary for long periods of time, our muscles weaken and our bodies start to deteriorate – this can lead to… Read more

What To Do With That Piano

I’ve had some great responses to this article I published in August 2016 (there are obviously a lot of you who have pianos!), so I’ve updated it for 2018 and incorporated some new options based on your feedback.  Thank-you for reading!   If you have a piano you no longer want,… Read more

Breakfast Television: Purge with Purpose 2018 edition

purge with purpose

It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to purge those household items you no longer need or use. If you’re ready to declutter, but are concerned about contributing to the landfill, rest assured there are lots of great organizations to help give your items a second… Read more

Visual Brainstorms ®

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter Music Box: Roland has just finished making a toy music box for his postman.  He is about to check the gears.  Which direction must the red gear turn to make the dog start chasing the letter carrier…clockwise or counter-clockwise? Answer:  Counter clockwise…. Read more