Tips for Organizing Clutter and Much More

How to Make your Work Commute More Productive


Do you commute to and from work? While it may seem unproductive, you can use this downtime to your advantage.  Plan ahead and benefit from these morning and evening stretches to get some things accomplished. Here are some examples: If you’re driving… Organize your day using your hands-free assistant. iPhone user? … Read more

Pack a Carry-on for a Week-Long Trip? Yes, You Can!

Pack a carry-on

The colder months are upon us and it’s a wonderful time to head somewhere warm.  And as the spokesperson for Professional Organizers in Canada, I was very excited to be contacted by Global News to provide some tips on how to pack a carry-on for a week-long getaway. When you… Read more

Visual Brainstorms ®

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter Duplicate Count:  The stone cutter has been asked by the Pharaoh to duplicate this monument at a new location.  His first task to to make an accurate count of the individual cubes within the existing structure.  How many cubes are there in… Read more

Secret Tools of a Professional Organizer- Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes. Love them.  From cookies to Christmas decor, they are so adaptable, functional and easy to use. These fantastic catch-alls are definitely an organizers secret tool.  You can colour-code for categories like photos/keepsakes vs sporting goods.  Plus, consider bins with rollers to make them easy to move around. Here are… Read more

How to Organize your Home & Appeal to Buyers

appeal to buyers

When I step into an orderly home, I feel a sense of calm and welcome.  And if you’re shopping for a new home, this neatness can certainly appeal to buyers.  It can also indicate another selling point- that the owners are maintaining their home behind the scenes too. Thinking of… Read more

How to Overcome Wardrobe Overload

wardrobe overload

Are you someone who stares at their stuffed wardrobe and declares, “I have nothing to wear!”? Well, if you find assembling the right outfit baffling, you’re not alone.  Most of us have clothes we buy and think we’ll wear regularly, but don’t.  In fact, recent research estimates that most of us… Read more

Visual Brainstorms ®

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter To the Top: Professor Pith Bugby is looking for the highest spot on this ancient Aztec ruin.  If all the stair steps (both up and down) are the same height, can you help him find it? Answer:  Ten steps higher than the… Read more