Tips for Organizing Clutter and Much More

Is it time to Shred Those Business Documents?

business documents

Whether you work at home or not, chances are you have a stash of business documents you no longer need.  From bills to business documents to tax records, these records are likely just sitting around taking up space. Yes, you are required to keep your Revenue Canada related income tax and… Read more

Top 3 Moving Tips from a Professional Organizer


Let’s be honest, few people love moving.  It’s exciting to change homes, but the actual moving day can be hectic (and expensive!). However, as someone who has helped many people change homes over the years, I can assure you the process doesn’t need to be overly stressful. The trick? Be… Read more

What to Do With Your Used Books

used books

I have to admit there’s something special about books. A lovely old fashioned read is not only good for the brain, but also for the soul. But unfortunately, when it comes time to move, declutter or downsize, you’re often feeling a bit bewildered.  What do you do with the used… Read more

Visual Brainstorms ®

Our riddle from our monthly Chu On This… Newsletter Bacon and Eggs: Lauren’s latest entrepreneurial venture is raising Vietnamese pot-belly pigs and ostriches for fun and profit.  Among her animals, she has 17 heads and 56 legs in all.  How many pigs and how many ostriches does Lauren have? Answer:  Lauren… Read more

Join me for a Downsizing Seminar on April 8th

downsizing seminar

Learn about Downsizing and Clearing your Home using the key “3 Cs” (cash, consign and charity). Come by the Connaught Presentation Centre in lovely Edgemont Village in North Vancouver this Saturday, April 8th 2017 at 10:00 am. Please RSVP at  See you there!    

Breakfast Television: Purge with Purpose

purge with purpose

Are you putting off Spring Cleaning because you don’t know what to do with your old stuff?  If you want to purge with purpose, here are some tips from my Breakfast Television Vancouver spot. 1. Towels and Blankets Help out local organizations that care for animals. Contact the Vancouver Orphan Kitten… Read more

BC Almanac: How to Begin Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

If you didn’t catch my CBC BC Almanac radio segment, here are some tips I shared on how to tackle Spring Cleaning or “Spring Clearing” as I like to call it. 1. Determine your Spring Cleaning Goal Do you want to get your car in the garage or actually have… Read more

What to Do With Leftover Renovation Materials

renovation materials

When we move we’re generally concerned with the important stuff- like transporting furniture and possessions to our new home.  But, if you’ve ever renovated or upgraded the home you’re moving from, you may have leftover renovation materials you have no intention of bringing with you. You want to be socially… Read more

Spring Cleaning your Kitchen: 3 Things to Target


Did you know studies show a clean and tidy home makes people happier?  It’s true! While it can be overwhelming to tackle cleaning every room in your home at once, targeting the kitchen for a good spring de-cluttering is always a good idea.  As one of the most used rooms… Read more