5 Useful Tips for Everyday Computer Use – Implement These for Immediate Results

14, Feb 2006

Simon Parsons of TT Technical Services shares with us his top 5 Tips on using your computer.

1. Use Shortcuts. For files that you use frequently, create a folder on your desktop that contains just the shortcut to that file. This will allow your computer to run quicker, because of not having the whole file on the desktop, but also cleans up and organizes your desktop screen.

2. Mouse and Keyboard.
Use equipment that you enjoy using. You spend up to 8 hours per day on your computer. Lost productivity, increased stress, and physical discomfort are results of having the wrong keyboard and mouse for you and your working position. Use an ergonomic keyboard to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. An optical mouse moves smoothly, and does not need cleaning. A foot rest will relieve stress to the spine and neck.

3. Use a Headset. If you are in a position where you use the phone for extended periods of time or receive many calls during the day, a headset will make you life better. Simple as that. Wireless or wired, it’s a small adjustment that has great benefits.

4. Be very selective about downloading and installing software. All software should be verified first with your systems administrator for compatibility and security. Even seemingly innocent free software can seriously compromise your system, resulting in downtime, and lost productivity. Incompatible software will negatively impact your computers performance.

5. Back up. Back up. Back up. There is a common expression amongst computer professionals, “It’s not if you will lose your data, it’s when you will lose your data”. A professional and reliable backup system is an absolute requirement for any business. Your system administrator should ensure that the backups are not only being made each night, but that they are tested regularly to insure their functionality when they are needed. The backups should ideally be kept offsite, or at the very least in a fire and water proof safe.