4 Steps to Clearing Out Unused Business Attire (and feeling good about it)

27, Mar 2017

business attire

As a Professional Organizer, I work with many corporate and residential clients.  And one thing they usually have in common- clothing they no longer wear.  Not only does it take up valuable closet space, but it often blocks out apparel they would wear– if only they could find it!

So now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to clear-out unnecessary business attire.

Here are 4 steps I suggest for all men and women editing down corporate clothing. (Note: if you want to do a full clothing purge, use the same steps for all your business and casual items.)

1) Take out all your business clothing from your closet. Yes, all of it!

Group them by category so you can see how much you have by type.

2) Assess each item.

Does it still fit? Have I worn it in the last 12 months? Is it still in style? Will I honestly wear it again?

3) Hang the items you want to keep back in your closet.

Cluster like with like. Short sleeve. Long sleeve. Colour-code according to rainbow: ROYGBIV (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet). Decide if suiting is kept together.

4) Sell or donate the items you no longer want.

If you wish to donate, here are two local Vancouver organizations that I recommend:

For Women: Dress for Success

This great organization accepts suits, other professional apparel and accessories that are current, clean and in good condition.  Donations help women make a great impression as they enter or return to the workplace.

How about hosting a Suit Drive Campaign at your office?  This is a great way for all your co-workers to clear their closets this spring.

Learn more about Dress for Success here.

For Men: Working Gear

With a goal to help low income or unemployed men find a job, Working Gear accepts clean business attire and work site clothing (including work boots) in good condition.

Check out details on this organization here.

Spring is a time for a fresh start.  Let’s clear our closets and feel good about it!

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