Top 3 Moving Tips from a Professional Organizer

18, Apr 2017


Let’s be honest, few people love moving.  It’s exciting to change homes, but the actual moving day can be hectic (and expensive!).

However, as someone who has helped many people change homes over the years, I can assure you the process doesn’t need to be overly stressful. The trick? Be organized.

Here are 3 tips I’d like to share:

1) Start preparing early

Before you’ve signed any papers, I recommend taking inventory of what will move with you.  Now is a great time to edit down what you no longer use or love.  If you’re downsizing, wrap your head around what you need (or will fit) in your new home.  Begin the process of selling, donating or storing items as early as possible.

2) Use a moving checklist

Follow a checklist that will help remind you of what you should do and when. For example, 2 months before the move you should get quotes from a mover. 1 month before the move you should alert utility providers.  And so on.

I have a list I’m happy to share with you. Just contact

3) Use a labeling system

I’m a big believer in using colour coded labels and signs.  They can help make the move much more efficient.

  • Purchase colour coded stickers for your moving boxes.  Base the colour on what room the boxes should be delivered. For example, green= master bedroom. (Also list what is in the box for your own sake. This helps you out later!)
  • Create a colour coded sign for each room. If green is the designated colour for your master bedroom, stick a green sign on your master bedroom door.
  • If you have a large home, make a colour coded legend for your movers.  Give the movers a handout that maps or lists what colour belongs to what room.  Green= master bedroom, red= kitchen etc.

A labeling system can be created early, so when the moving truck arrives, you’re all set!  For more information on packing, be sure to reference my post Top 7 Packing Tips for a Successful Move.

While I can’t say a move will be relaxing, I do promise it will be easier if you follow these recommendations.

Need some additional assistance?  From helping you dispose of unwanted items to setting up your new home, Out of Chaos Professional Organizing Solutions provides a wide range of organizing and move management services.  Just contact us at or 604-813-8189.