Productivity Pointers from Productive People – Kendra Sivertson edition

22, Jul 2017

Joanne Loberg

Ever wonder how some business leaders are so productive?

They are incredibly busy, yet accomplish what they want in less time than many others.  As a Professional Organizer, I’m lucky to meet many inspiring individuals who fall into this illustrious category.  In this monthly Q&A segment, I am pleased to share their valuable tips on what makes them so productive at work.

This month we talk to Kendra Sivertson, the founder of Perspektiv Financial Inc to learn what makes her so organized and successful.

What are the biggest time wasters in your life? What do you do to manage them?

E-mail takes up a huge amount of time. So I try to check e-mail only a few times a day and I call whenever I can to avoid the back and forth that often happens. Also, I used to commute.  But now that I live within walking distance to work, it saves me hours a day and a lot of frustration. I use the extra time to exercise and meet with friends after work.

Tell us about your everyday “essentials” for business? (e.g. Mobile phone, apps, virtual assistant? etc.)

Cell phone, computer, and a fast scanner.  My real life assistant is my biggest essential.

How do you manage and organize yourself electronically (online, mobile phone, computer)

We have our own server and a VPN. That way we can work from anywhere, at any time and from almost any device. Everything works the same and everyone has access to the same information.

How do you organize and file your paper information?

We are paperless. We are still refining our digital system, but we use different drives to segment the different parts of the business.

What’s your top tip to staying organized & productive?

Having structured time and trying not to make too many exceptions. For example, Monday is “paper” work and e-mails, so I very rarely meet with clients on Mondays.

What do you do to achieve work-life balance?

I have set times each week that are for me and my family. And I almost never break those times for work. People understand.

Kendra SivertsonKendra Sivertson is the founder of Perspektiv Financial Inc., a firm that helps people have a clear vision of their finances and where they are going. It is comprised of a small group of advisors with several decades of experience between them. Each advisor has a different area of specialization giving them a broad range of experience and styles. They all work to provide clients with a positive experience and a clear perspective.