Use That Space: Go Vertical

10, Aug 2017


It’s true.  Sometimes we don’t have enough storage space for the things that are important to us.  They could be everyday items like bathroom supplies that don’t fit under your sink or special things like travel mementos you would display if you had the surface area.

What do you do with them?  I suggest you use your space efficiently by going vertical.

Here are 3 ways I recommend:

1. Install shelves

Installing shelves is obviously a common way to use your vertical space. You can build your own shelves or buy them ready-to-go. From wood to metal, there are oodles of different types and styles to choose from that will hold your necessities.

If you have the height or wall space, I’m a huge fan of shelves built above doors or in recessed nooks.

Here’s an example of a shelf mounted inside of what was a closet, creating a cozy seating nook underneath.


2. Use wall pockets

Don’t overlook these!  What I like about wall pockets is how versatile they are. Sure, they hold shoes or jewelry, but you can use them for a wide variety of things.  Fill them with cleaning supplies or art materials and hang behind a door for easy access.  No more searching through drawers for a glue stick or your stapler!


Shown here are wall pockets (from Bed Bath & Beyond) – perfect for a child’s room!



3.  Hang directly on a wall

Amp up your living space!  Take advantage of your walls at eye level (and above) and install some sturdy fasteners.  Do you have a colourful surfboard or vintage canoe paddle?  Consider it décor for your indoor wall space. Even bikes on walls or hanging from the ceiling can look really cool.  Those are art AND conversation pieces.

Certainly, there are some items that just don’t fit in a box or on a shelf. To keep them off the floor, start scaling your walls with storage accessories and solutions.

Pictured here is a wall panel organizing system from Walltek, which can be used indoors or out.  The many organizing accessories can hold your sporting goods, tools or gardening supplies. Don’t stop at the garage, this system is equally as versatile in laundry rooms, basements, or storage sheds.

If you’re in need of storage space, think “up”!

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