Time to sell or donate items you no longer need?
Clear your home using the 3 Cs:

1. Consign

used books

2. Cash

3. Charity

Clothing and Household Items

  • Diabetes Canada Clothesline donations will help make a difference for Canadians living with diabetes.
  • Developmental Disabilities Association supports individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Big Brothers of Vancouver clothing donations assist children in our community by funding life-changing mentoring programs.
  • Covenant House accepts items for youth between 16-24 years old including non-perishable food, clothes, and electronics.
  • Dress for Success clothing donations help women make a great impression as they enter or return to the workplace.
  • My Sisters Closet, operated by the Battered Women’s Support Service, will take new and second-hand clothing.
  • The Cinderella Project accepts donations of graduation-appropriate formal wear, dress shoes and accessories for young ladies and men.
Children's Rooms Organized


Your unwanted electronics can have a second life!

Tools, Arts, Crafts, Fabric

Building Materials and Furniture

Other Items

  • Recycling Council of BC  RCBC’s “Recyclepedia” will help you find a location to recycle a variety of materials, including appliances, batteries, medications, end-of-life vehicles and more.  You can also call the hotline at 604-RECYCLE.
  • Return-it Depot locations provide beverage and electronics recycling.
  • Freecycle.org has a mission to keep items out of landfills.  As a member, you can post free items on their website.
  • Metro Vancouver Transfer Stations and Landfills are a network of facilities across the region that offer waste disposal.